Frequently Asked Questions

A. Good question. In today’s world more than 900 million people have been diagnosed officially with having some form of mental health distress. But unofficially almost 50% of our world’s population suffer from some form of mental health duress, whether it be some form of clinical symptoms such as Hyper Anxiety, Phobia, PTSD, Depression to saddening facts which people often do not get a place to get help with such as coping with the passing away of a loved one, surviving or living with cancer, HIV, AIDS, toxic family relationships, Autism in Children, Down syndrome and much more. Issues where people often find themselves lost while looking for answers, issues that are hard to talk about, issues that are ‘Stigmatic’ and issues that makes their present situation frail.

At Psyanin our goal is to bring together such people respective of their duress and distress and gather them in one place where they can not only share their stories, the challenges they live with every day but also, learn from each other, share information and look towards a more effective way of dealing with their mental and emotional health. Because we believe that searching for answers online makes less sense when you have your peers to talk with and benefit from each other’s experiences.

A. Another great question. Moderators are who we call the heroes of our platform. These are people like you and I, who have had their own share of mental and emotional health distress and knows firsthand what it feels to be “In the shoe”. Moderators help by keeping the groups well maintained, provides structure, keeps group sessions balanced and helps provide necessary information sharing within the group. Anyone can be a moderator. But it is not an easy task, especially when it comes to listening to all the stories people have to talk about and carrying that weight with you. A moderator not only needs to have a calm and cool head on their shoulders but needs to have a big heart to take all the emotional and mental issues head on.

A. Yes, my dear! Anyone can become a moderator. But we would require specific information from you since you will be in charge of everything, from creating groups to moderating them to sharing information within the groups. We want not only your security and peace of mind while handling such tasks, but we want to keep our user’s security and privacy our top concern as well.

A. Honestly, it's all about being there as a guiding force to help your peers out in this world we live in. There are options for donation available from users who wish to donate for your services, but it is not enforced and will depend upon the individual users of the platform. However, we do need to keep a balance of both users and moderators and so each month there will be a cap of the number of moderators Psyanin accepts. Once the quota is full you can always try to become a Moderator at a later date. We will always let you know when the next slot opens up.

A. None. Psyanin is completely free to use as a Mental health and Group Therapy service. We make money through ads or other in app purchases to keep the servers going.😀

A. We are an all-Canadian company born and brought up in the beautiful city of Vancouver, British Columbia.

A. We have Psyanin available for download on both Google Play and App Store for Android and iOS users. You can use it on either your mobile or tablet.

A.We are complaint with the PACC (Privacy & Access Council of Canada) as well as Privacy and Security laws of USA and Europe. Which means that we pay above 100% of our attention to any and all users Privacy and Security concerns. Psyanin uses only audio and text functions as their method of communication. No group sessions are recorded and both way communications are encrypted to prevent any data leaks. We are all aware of the severe data leaks around the world and our main mission is to keep any form of Data of all our users safe and secured and away from prying eyes.

A. We are always looking for feedback, ideas and ways to improve Psyanin and help our dear users. Whether it’s a good or a bad review, we always welcome any form of feedback from our users. You are whom we serve, and we want to make sure that we bring nothing but the best to the table. Please use the feedback forms that are located on the website or from your app and let us know what’s on your mind. Of course, we would also highly appreciate if you could please leave a feedback on either Google Google Play or Apple App store.